Resolving ix4-300d being stuck at 0% of RAID reconstruction with 4 drives

Resolving ix4-300d being stuck at 0% of RAID reconstruction with 4 drives

Lenovo ix4-300d is a cost-effective 4-bay network attached storage (NAS) for home use. It does not support hot swapping, but offers otherwise most commonly used NAS features. I have 4 3TB Western Digital Red drives running a RAID-5 array with it now, but when I first put the drives in, I did come across some gotchas.

After powered it on, I was prompted to confirm the overwriting of all the data on the drives, and then there was a progress bar of data protection reconstruction. However, the progress was stuck at 0% for at least 9 hours, and it was unclear what type of RAID it was reconstructing. I went to the Storage/Drive Management section in the web console, and saw the error message "Storage could not be initialized.".

I figured out the solution two days later with the help from the community and customer support: one can put in drives only one at a time. To resolve the issue:

  1. turn off the power and take out all the drives.
  2. clean all the drives following the tutorial.
  3. put only one drive in and turn on the power.
  4. verify that there is a failed RAID-5 array in the Drive Management section.
  5. do a factory reset following the tutorial and reboot.
  6. verify that there is a recognized normal drive without any protection in the Drive Management section.
  7. put in the rest of drives one at time and do the same verification each time.
  8. turn on the RAID-5 protection in the Drive Management section.

The steps above should trigger the data protection reconstruction with normal progressing and the Drive Management section should look something similar to the screenshot shown below:

Fig. 1.  The Drive Management section showing data protection being reconstructed.

The reconstruction took me about 26 hours to finish, and I have had no issues so far.


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