Memory leak in X process in Fedora 19 KDE

Memory leak in X process in Fedora 19 KDE

Fedora 19 KDE looks really beautiful on my laptop with the 1080p screen, but I have been really pissed off by the memory leak coming with the beautifulness. Specifically, the X process can consume up to 50% of my total memory within 3 hours when I regularly use Chrome, Eclipse, MySQL Workbench, etc. It is equivalent to 3GB of memory, and could be even larger. But before that happens, I usually already have restarted the system because everything has been so slow.

After three months of research, I finally pinpoint the cause of the leak. It is the oxygen-gtk style.

Fig. 1.  Change the GTK+ style to something other than oxygen-gtk.

The solution to the memory leak is simple: choose another style for GTK+. I have been comfortable with Raleigh, which looks like Windows 9x, and the space between items in context menus is reasonable.

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