Fixing Toyota RAV4 2010 engine under cover

Fixing Toyota RAV4 2010 engine under cover

It was snowing and I wanted to check if I could get out of the accumulated snow around my car without plowing. Then I noticed that the plastic cover under my car had one corner loose and was hanging half way to the ground. I had no experience fixing any car issue, but I eventually did not want to take to a dealer to be charged an arm and a leg for such a small and obvious problem.

I saw a hole on the plastic cover and a matching hole on the chassis, where a clip or screw must have been missing. I tried a zip tie first, but I found nowhere I could wrap it around. It seemed that finding a replacement part was the only way.

After doing some research, I was able to identify the part by a number. It was found in a Toyota parts diagram named "suspension crossmember & under cover" in the "body" group of my RAV4 2010. The part number is 90467-07215 (See the figure below). It is a push clip which can be installed easily just by pushing.

Fig. 1.  Toyota RAV4 2010 suspension crossmember & under cover.

Well, once the part number is known, it is trivial to find a supplier over the Internet. You only need to pay attention to the shipping fee, which is dominant over the cost of the part itself.

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