Moving completed downloads to a different directory in aria2

By default, aria2 does not move completed downloads to a different directory than the one where downloads started. However, this behavior can be customized through the aria2 event hooks.

Fixing Toyota RAV4 2010 engine under cover

It was snowing and I wanted to check if I could get out of the accumulated snow around my car without plowing. Then I noticed that the plastic cover under my car had one corner loose and was hanging half way to the ground. I had no experience fixing any car issue, but I eventually did not want to take to a dealer to be charged an arm and a leg for such a small and obvious problem.

Seagate Backup Plus 5TB USB 3.0 desktop external hard drive disassembly

For some untold reasons, a hard drive with enclosure is much cheaper than a bare hard drive. That was why I needed a bare drive but I ordered this 5TB enclosure and had decided to take out the drive as soon as it arrived.

Sums of every n rows in a column in Excel

Suppose there is a column of data points. We want a new column of data points which consists of the sums of every n data points in the old column continuously. For example, if there are 1000 data points in the old column, and we want every 5 data points to be summed up to a new data point, there will be 200 data points in the new column.

Fixing Vuze 5300 console user interface encoding bug

Vuze 5300 has encoding issues in its console user interface. After digging into the source, I found that the encoding issues are caused by org.gudy.azureus2.core3.logging.impl.LoggerImpl$RedirectorStream.

Controlling screen brightness on HP ProBook 4540s in Fedora 20

Everything on my HP ProBook 4540s works out of the box in Fedora 20 except the screen brightness control. The brightness is always 100% which just burns my eyes badly. When I press the shortcuts on the keyboard to adjust the brightness, I can see a KDE bar pops up in the center of the screen and the percentage changes, but no actual brightness is changed. If I leave the laptop for long enough, Fedora is able to turn the screen off. But once I start using the laptop, the brightness is back to 100% again. So there is no gray area between the black and the white.

Vuze 5300 command line options

All the command line options available for Vuze 5300, i.e., the output of "set" or "show options".

Fixing screen flashing for PJD7820HD projector and HTP-072 receiver

The ViewSonic PJD7820HD projector and the Pioneer HTP-072 5.1 channel home theater package both are cost effective products for entry-level home theater setup. However, when I first connected my laptop to the input of the HTP-072 receiver through HDMI, the screen of my laptop kept flashing. The screen first turned black for one second, then returned normal for another second, and then turned black again. Every time the screen returned to normal, the mouse cursor was reset to the center of the screen, causing my laptop not operable. The output of the receiver was connected to the projector through HDMI, and there was no signal on the projector.

Windows 7 virtualization by KVM on Fedora 20

Today I managed to set up a guest Windows 7 virtual machine on a Fedora 20 host using KVM. The easy setup and the superior performance led me to the conclusion that KVM should be the preferred virtualization solution over either VMware or VirtualBox under Linux.

Memory leak in X process in Fedora 19 KDE

Fedora 19 KDE looks really beautiful on my laptop with the 1080p screen, but I have been really pissed off by the memory leak coming with the beautifulness. Specifically, the X process can consume up to 50% of my total memory within 3 hours when I regularly use Chrome, Eclipse, MySQL Workbench, etc. It is equivalent to 3GB of memory, and could be even larger. But before that happens, I usually already have restarted the system because everything has been so slow.